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California Harassment Prevention Training Discount

California law requires businesses with 5 or more employees to provide harassment prevention training to all employees and supervisors. 


In an effort to help businesses comply with this law, the Law and Management Resource Center (LMRC) is offering discounts on both online and on-site harassment prevention training to all businesses in the Poway Business Park Association. 


Types of Training Available – LMRC Makes it Easy


Get the kind of training that makes sense for your business and its employees.


Employers can combine online and on-site training to meet business needs and also make it easy for employees to get the kind of training that works best for them.


Online Training – accessible via computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Individuals can complete training when and where they want. Training can be started, stopped and then picked up again at the prior stopping point. For ease in tracking, each individual and the individual's employer receive a certification of completion.


On-Site Training – have an experienced employment law attorney provide training at your workplace. A certificate of completion is provided for each attendee.


Note: Employer policies on harassment prevention must now include specific information. An offer to review your company's policy or provide a compliant policy in conjunction with training is included.


Required Qualifications of Trainers


For a business to meet the legal training requirements, the training provider must meet specific qualifications. LMRC's team of employment law attorneys meet all of the requirements!


LMRC has been San Diego's trusted "Go-To" training team for years!

Contact LMRC at info@lmrcenter.com or (858) 376-7737.